GandA Day in Copenhagen 2018

The aim of the meeting is to present results in number theory obtained recently by members of the network IRN GandA, linking France, Denmark, South Africa and Madagascar.


University of Copenhagen: Auditorium 2, Department of Mathematical Science, Universitetsparken 5, 2100 Copenhagen.


14 May 2018.


  • Jean-Marc Deshouillers (Bordeaux): Some arithmetic aspects of automatic sequences.
  • Ian Kiming (Copenhagen): Modular forms modulo prime powers.
  • Florian Luca (Johannesburg): Prime factors of interesting integers.


The conference will start at 14:15 and will end at 18:00 on Monday 14. Click for the detailed program.


Fabien Pazuki (Univ. Copenhagen).


There is no registration fee but if you want to participate we kindly ask you to send an email to fpazuki at


The conference will take place in Auditorium 2, in the Math Building of Copenhagen University. If you arrive from the airport, take the metro to Nørreport. If you arrive from the Main Train station, take an S-tog to Nørreport. Once you have reached Nørreport, grab the bus 150S (or 184, or 185) and stop at Universitetsparken. The Math Building is a small grey cube behind three huge parallele buildings with curious orange small balconies. Nota Bene: In case you need to enter the math building after 18:00 during the week or any time during weekends, you will need the help of a local to open the doors.


Department of Mathematical Sciences (Denmark), CNRS (France), NRF (South Africa).

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