\(\mathbb{N}^3\) \(\mathbb{N}\)ordic \(\mathbb{N}\)umber theory \(\mathbb{N}\)etwork

Graphic Design: Romain GUYOT - www.alloromain.com

Next event

Workshop in Spectral Theory, Automorphic forms and Arithmetic, University of Copenhagen, 14-18 November 2016 (LINK)

N-cube Days V, University of Göteborg and Chalmers University, 25-26 November 2016 (LINK)

Project Description

The \(\mathbb{N}\)-cube network aims at developing number theory in many of its various aspects, from algebraic geometry and representation theory to computational problems, analytic number theory as well as diophantine approximation, diophantine geometry, moduli spaces properties or metric properties of numbers.

We are based in Northern Europe, working in different Universities. We sometimes have research guests in common and we organize the \(\mathbb{N}\)-cube Days on a regular basis.


  • Aarhus
  • Copenhagen DTU
  • Copenhagen KU
  • Göteborg
  • Hamburg
  • Lund
  • Oulu
  • Stockholm University
  • Stockholm KTH
  • Uppsala